The jewellery pieces by Nici van Galen are works of art made from colourful gems and freshwater pearls, which enchant through their uniqueness. Jewellery designer Nici van Galen connects these top material with facetted crystals and silver or gold plated elements, to form singular piece into fashionable statements. With an eye for elaborate details, two collections are presented yearly, made according to the highest standards. The colourful designs of the piece correspond with the current shades used by the biggest fashion labels, ensuring that each Nici van Galen client can effortlessly combine her jewellery with the latest items in her wardrobe. The Nici van Galen look is casually elegant and aim for the sophisticated, fashionable woman who knows how to be playful with he accessories. Nici van Galen brings a rich variety into the wardrobe: a Nici van Galen necklace can pull the overall impression of any outfit into a spectacular, new light.  Even the most simple dress is upgraded when paired with a necklace, bracele or earrings by Nici van Galen – following the golden rule that the simpler the dres is, the more ostentatious the jewellery may be. With jewellery by Nici van Galen the cosmopolitan woman underlines the strength of her wardrobe, rather than decorating it.
• We call our jewellery:
UNIQUE JEWELLERY… because we often use a mix of materials consisting of
precious gems (agates and quartzes, often) and real freshwater pearls.
• The mix of materials and the colour matching makes a Nici van Galen piece
a refined, trendy accessory.
• Every piece of jewellery comes with a label noting its materials.
• Ideas for the international collection are born in our headquarters in
‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
• Our jewellery is hand-made by gifted professionals in our own studio in Asia
• Our jewellery is exclusively designed by our own design team (Nici van Galen
and as of late, her daughter Caroline).
• By being hand-made from natural materials, each piece is unique in its own
• The pearls and gems are separated by knots.
• The magnetic closing often used, simplifies putting on our jewellery.
• We provide a two year product guarantee with every piece.
• The pieces come in a wonderfully elegant box or classy jewellery pouch.